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22 September
We have updated our business for sale by owner package to include a much more detailed valuation package and a better screening process to keep you in control.

Our "For Sale By Owner" Service

Our Business For Sale By Owner Package is a comprehensive package designed to help you sell your business as fast as possible, with the least amount of effort, and for the maximum after-tax price.  It's a three step program:

     Step 1: Business Valuation

     Step 2: Business Marketing

     Step 3: Screening Buyers / Closing the Deal!

What makes us different from business brokers?  Quite simply, you'll save thousands of dollars and remain in complete control - no commitments, no exclusivity, no contracts!

We start with a professional valuation to make sure you will be satisfied with the likely sales price of your business.  We have no bias, so we'll give you a realistic valuation.   If you are not happy with the valuation and thrilled with the quality of our work, we stop there and you don't owe us another dime.  Click here to learn more about the business valuation.

If you want to move forward, we'll prepare a complete business marketing package and provide you with our exclusive "Business For Sale By Owner" guide.  Stop here if you like, or use our service to advertise, screen, and close with a buyer.  Click here to learn more about the business marketing package.

Finally, we'll help you advertise, screen buyers while maintaining your confidentiality, and provide information you need to close the deal.  Click here to get the details of our advertising, screening, and closing service.

Click here to learn more about business valuation.

If you're ready to order, click here to go straight to the ordering page and get started selling your business "for sale by owner".

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