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22 September
We have updated our business for sale by owner package to include a much more detailed valuation package and a better screening process to keep you in control.

The Business Valuation

The package starts with a comprehensive, professional quality business valuation.  This isn't a quickie valuation using a revenue multiple or  just spitting out a number based on an online business valuation calculator.  It's a comprehensive report, written to USPAP (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards.  It's calculates the value using multiple methods, clearly explaining the approach and assumptions used.  The report is prepared and signed with a statement of opinion by a licensed business broker, and is typically 25 to 50 pages in length.

Why do we start with an appriasal?  Well, before you spend a bunch of time and money working on selling your business, it's important to get an accurate and unbiased view of what your business is worth.  Should you decide you don't wish to move forward, you now understand how your business is valued and what you can do to improve the future sale value.  If you do move forward, you now have a reasonable and unbiased basis for setting your asking price. 

The valuation makes a killer sales tool, and is the first part of our marketing strategy.  Let's face it, whoever buys your business is going to argue and negotiate for a lower price.  If all you have is a quickie valuation, you really have no leverage or basis for your position.  Now imagine that same price negotiation when you drop a 40 page, professional appraisal of your business on their lap to justify the price.  Will they still negotate?  Probably.  Will you ultimately have an easier negotiation and end up with a higher price?  Almost always.  Will the increase in asking price be more that what you pay for our services?  Almost always!

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