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22 September
We have updated our business for sale by owner package to include a much more detailed valuation package and a better screening process to keep you in control.

About Fixed Price Business Brokers

Fixed Priced Business Brokers was founded out of frusteration for the poor options available to most business owners interested in selling their businesses.  While certainly good business brokers exist, our experience has been that they are hard to find.

Selling "for sale by owner" usually isn't a good option, as very few business owners have the experience necessary to maximize their sales price doing it all by themselves.

 There will always be a place for regular business brokers, and the owners of Fixed Price Business Brokers do provide business brokerage services to local clients when it makes sense.  However, our opinion is that the vast majority of business owners would spend less and sell for more by using our service.

The folks here at FPBB are small business owners ourselves.  We've bought, run, and sold small businesses through a broker.  Our owner is a licensed business broker, and our staff has transacted deals from very small to hundreds of millions of dollars.
By working with Fixed Price Business Brokers, understand that while you are not employing us as a broker, you are getting the experience that comes from folks that truly know what they are doing and care about your success, not just a commission.

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