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22 September
We have updated our business for sale by owner package to include a much more detailed valuation package and a better screening process to keep you in control.

Below are some common support questions.  If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us.

What is your privacy policy?

Selling your business is a sensitive subject, and we take your privacy very seriously.  Our privacy policy can be found here:  Privacy Policy

The local business broker says he'll do all this for free!  Why should I pay you?

You are right, most business brokers will provide a valuation and list your business for free.  However, what you are getting is not the same.

The valuation you get for free is not customized, it's a crude approximation at best.  It's fine for a ballpark estimate, but it's not going to convince a buyer that the price is right.  You will probably get a estimate much higher than what we provide... they want your business, and they want to convice you that your business is worth a lot so you'll list with them.  Why don't they do a real estimate?  It takes a lot of time, the real estimate once the math is done is likely to be lower (and more realistic), and not all of them understand how to do it right. 

The listing materials you are likely to receive will be mediocre at best.  Out of the hundreds of offering packages we've seen, very few are any good.  Most that are high quality are from the higher end brokers that charge up-front fees, have higher commissions, and only focus on large businesses.  A large percentage of our clients express surprise at how good our materials are... especially if they have seen what is typical for the industry. 

Is my business right for your service?

Probably.  We deal with all types of businesses, of all sizes, all over the United States.  Trust us when we say we've seen it all!

If you are selling for hundreds of millions of dollars, we'd still be happy to help, but we'd urge you to have a face-to-face conversation and talk about some other options. 

Rest assured, if it's not right, we'll let you know and refund any money owed.  You can always contact us in advance if you have questions.

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