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22 September
We have updated our business for sale by owner package to include a much more detailed valuation package and a better screening process to keep you in control.

Below are some common support questions.  If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us.

Support Questions #2

Are you my business broker?

No.  We will help you prepare the necessary materials, and we'll coach and help you, but our service is fundamentally a "for sale by owner" service.  We are not going to meet you face to face, negotiate the deal on your behalf, or assume any fiduciary responsibility. We do occasionally assume this role, but only after signing a representation agreement. 

Is there some guarantee that I will sell my business?

No.  We'll prepare very high quality materials and coach you on some good techniques, but at the end of the day, selling is really up to you.  Even business brokers who charge a huge percentage of your sales price won't guarantee a sale.  That said, businesses are bought and sold everyday.  If you have a good business for sale at a fair price, marketed using the right techniques, there is a reasonable chance it will get sold.

Why don't you have a phone number?

Part of the reason we can provide this level of service for such a low price is that we do everything over email, and we squeeze it in between other work.  That means you can't call us and expect to inturrupt our higher-paying clients... but at the same time, you'll pay a whole lot less.  On rare occasions we'll have a phone call or two... contact us if you have a need.

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